Roadflexion walking foot is an highly dynamic foot for young and very active people, with a mobility level 3 (K-level).

This is a new development of Roadwalking.

The 3 laminates structure allows a foot’s response during all stance phases: in every moment at least 2 laminates work together to support the amputee user in his/her daily activities.

This prosthetic foot is composed by 3 main laminates: the inferior laminate defines the calcaneus and the forefoot; the posterior laminate defines the heel and has the function of cushioning; the superior laminates defines the instep and functions like anterior tibialis muscle.

A pyramid adapter closer to the ankle helps the pylon attachment. The inferior and posterior laminates start to work during Initial Contact: the durability and elasticity must allow load acceptance and storage with a shock absorption function to guarantee comfort to the user, but at the same the balance and stability. Its functions stops during the final phase of Toe-off, when the forefoot gives the final propulsion. The posterior laminate works as shock absorber during initial contact and store energy that the laminate release after mid-stance phase until toe-off during the propulsion phase; the superior laminates works like the anterior tibialis muscle permitting a gradual foot roll-over until forefoot contact to the ground; This foot is tested according to ISO 10328 standard. Roadflexion foot is CE marked. It’s available in 5 sizes, depending on shoe number.
Material: carbon fiber. Warranty: 36 months.




Roadflexion foot 
Code Size Cat. User characteristics  
      Shoe number Weight range
1.002.02.I.S I Soft 35-36 40-50
1.002.02.I.H   Hard   50-65
1.002.02.II.S II Soft 37-38 45-55
1.002.02.II.H   Hard   55-68
1.002.02.III.S III Soft 39-40 50-60
1.002.02.III.H   Hard   60-75
1.002.02.IV.S IV Soft 41-42 55-70
1.002.02.IV.H   Hard   70-85
1.002.02.V.S V Soft 43-44 65-85
1.002.02.V.H   Hard   80-110
1.002.02.VI VI Soft 45-46 70-90
    Hard   90-120
Options without/with wedge