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Roadrunnerfoot Engineering s.r.l. is the first Italian company that designs, manufactures, and sells aids for disabled people and components for prostheses.

Roadrunnerfoot Engineering s.r.l. set in Milan Italy since March 2007, is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative walking and running prosthetic feet. The company includes the engineering office and the manufacturing line, offering support before, during, and after-sale.

Why I founded Roadrunnerfoot Engineering s.r.l.

1993: My car smashed against the guard rail due to the steering block, and my leg did as well. Undesired fate: a leg amputated below the knee. At the hospital, Niguarda in Milan, Battista Galliani, the water ski champion amputee came to visit me. Galliani began to jump in front of me, on his healthy leg and in the same way on his artificial limb. At that moment I realized I wanted to start running.

1994: I went to INAIL, the Italian Institute for medical assistance against accidents at work, to get my first prosthesis. I received my first artificial limb.

1996: Tony Volpentest at Atlanta Paralympic Games was another turning point in my life: he ran 100m in 11.38 seconds. Such a record!! I realized technology could help me running again. I strongly decided I could run to the Paralympics Games. I started training and running as a sportsman.

1997: I met the Polisportiva Milanese, and some months later Engineer Verni and the orthopedic technician Sermasi realized the first running prosthesis.
1998: I began my athletic career. I won many races: from Italian to European Championship (4th in 200m and long jump, 2003-Assen), to Global championship and Paralympic Games in Athens in 2004 (6th in the long jump). Paralympic Games changed my life both as an athlete and as a man: I met people from all over the world able to live their lives, everyone facing with their disabilities in different ways but every time winners.
 It was now time to change my life again: I left my work and starting the Ph.D. by Mechanical department of Politecnico of Milan to develop a running prosthesis foot. That’s why I established Roadrunnerfoot Engineering s.r.l., in 2007, after the second year of my doctorate in order to allow the diffusion of high technology for all users.

Daniele Bonacini

Roadrunnerfoot. High technology new approach.

Each product is designed considering users’ needs: we start from Gait Analysis, with normal and disabled people, to define components characteristics, in order to simulate sound limbs.






High-cost technologies, like optoelectronic systems, IR cameras, force platforms, and specific software to analyze Gait data.



The prosthesis naturally reproduces the human movement of lower muscles and limbs, offering stability and performance both in walking and running.

We designed and patented a superior performance walking prosthetic foot.


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Our certificates

Roadrunnerfoot Engineering s.r.l. Is the first Italian enterprise to engineer, design, produce and sell devices for disabled people, following the whole production chain from the engineering to the after sale assistance.

Our products offer high-quality standards. They are high performance, innovative materials, controlled during the production process

We are certified by Directive 93/42/EEC, successive Regulation MDR (EU) 2017/745, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

ISO 13485


Roadrunnerfoot is the only company in all the world that tests your products external-ly, by the University of Politecnico in Milan. After testing Politecnico give one official report about the test of products and we send all the document to the health ministry in order to have the CE conformity and the certification.

Since 2016 Roadrunnerfoot start the collaboration whit Berlin Cert:
ROADWALKING is the first carbon fiber foot tested and validated from Berlin Cert.

Our patents

Roadrunnerfoot Engineering s.r.l. has five patents:
SK = Sprinter’s KING – the USA and Europe patent
RW = Roadwalking – the USA and Europe patent
Roadflexion as a variant of Roadwalking
Monocoque wheelchair

Sprinter’s KING – the USA and Europe patent

Roadwalking – the USA and Europe patent

Roadflexion patent

Joker patent

Monocoque wheelchair patent