Daniele Bonacini founder and CEO

Technology should be accessible to all users.

Roadrunnerfoot defends health’s and sport’s right as human rights of disabled people. As WHO states, every amputee has the right to get high technological aid to be self-sufficient, running a normal healthy life, and playing sport.

Roadrunnerfoot as a company has the aim to offer high technology products to the best ratio quality/price. Our products offer high-quality standards, high performance, innovative materials, controlled during the production process, and certified by Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (the European Union Medical Device Regulation of 2017 ) and ISO 10328.

Our products are MADE in ITALY and Roadrunnerfoot Engineering s.r.l. is the first Italian enterprise to engineer, design, produce and sell devices for disabled people, following the whole production chain from the engineering to the after-sale assistance.

The Italian welfare system, as in several countries in the world, doesn’t provide to supply disabled people with high technology aids, such as the carbon fiber foot, as carbon fiber orthosis, or ultralight wheelchairs and don’t allow the rehabilitation of disabled people and the complete autonomy during the daily life. Therefore Roadrunnerfoot, founded by an amputee, has a big responsibility and big role.

I thought for us...

The trauma is not your fault, but recovering is your responsibility.
What happened to you wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t something you asked for, it wasn’t something you deserved. What happened to you is not right. You were simply collateral damage from someone else’s war, an innocent who was destroyed. We are all traumatized by life, some of us from wrongdoing, others from unprocessed pain and hidden emotions. Regardless of the source, we are handed a game of cards and are sometimes not a winning hand. However, what we cannot forget is that recovery is up to us. Healing is our responsibility because if it were not, an unfair circumstance would become an unlived life. Recovering is our responsibility because we have only one life and one opportunity; because if we want to improve, we cannot sit and wait, nobody will do it for us; because we have the power to heal our wounds; because “healing” is transforming us and we are getting stronger every day. Healing means metabolizing pain. So we are more willing to dare, take risks, and dream of wider horizons, those we never thought we would reach. We don’t realize that in that wound are the most important lessons of our life, the most fertile ground on which we can begin to build whatever we really want. We are not made to get through life unscathed. We do not intend to reach the finish line without leaving marks, clean and bored. Life hurts us all in different ways, but it is the way we respond that determines whether a trauma becomes a tragedy or the beginning of the story of a victim who has become the hero.

The Italian President Giorgio Napolitano honored Ing. Daniele Bonacini as CEO of Roadrunnerfoot Engineering, with the title of “Commendatore” for the action on behalf of people with a disability, in Italy and abroad.

International Day of People with Disability.
3rd December 2012

Roadrunnerfoot is a young company but has already begun to work with Institutions, Foundations, Associations, and NGOs, from small projects to greater and greater.