People with disabilities worldwide nowadays

Wars, conflicts, and poverty increase higher rates of disabilities in the less developed world. Many are invisible citizens, forced to deal with discrimination, social exclusion, isolation, and poverty.


of prosthesis users is amputation due to landmine explosions

According to the International Red Cross, landmine victims come from military actions (13%), playing (8%), fieldwork (20%), traveling (15%), demining (4%), non-military actions (38%), and others (2%).


victims are civilians

Only 5–15% of people located in Africa and Middle-East countries require assistive devices and technologies have access to them: production is low and often of limited quality, there are very few trained personnel and costs may be prohibitive.
(sources: WHO)

Our answer:

the objective of prosthetics is to restore, as close as possible, the functional capacity formerly held by a limb deficient person, in the west as in developing countries. High health technological devices can be accessible for all.

This means:

for companies, innovations to bring down prices always more and more without losing the best results, implementing corporate social responsibility projects to donate prosthesis to people who can’t afford it;
for states and all other entities promoting persons with disabilities rights, provide access to devices for all.


2010 – 2012

Project Haiti

1000 prostheses for children


Marocco’s  project

Prosthesis for a little girl
Associazione Culturale Chirone – Roadrunnerheart

Italia’s project

Prostheses to run for a young amputee

Senegal’s project

3 prostheses for young amputees

Kenya project

Prostheses to run for a young amputee


OSO project

Realization of prostheses to run and introduction to the sporting practice of 7 young amputees
Vodafone Italy Foundation – Diagonale Running – Polisportiva Milanese – Polha Varese – Humantech group – Roadrunnerheart


Senegal’s project

14 prosthesis
Longlife – Roadrunnerheart


Portugal’s project

2 prosthesis for children
Padro Ortopedico- Roadrunnerheart


Ecuador’s project

12 prosthesis – Fundacion Prothesis para la Vida


Ukraine’s project

50 prosthesis for victims of war
Prosolidar – Roadrunnerheart

Above knee amputee prosthesis for phocomelia.
Partner: Croce Rossa – Disabili No Limits.

Allianz – directly Roadrunnerfoot

300 prosthesis for children, equipment for an assembly plant, raw materials.
Partner: Fondazione Francesca Rava

20 feet donated from Municipality of Milan, without funds
Partner Disabili No Limits

77 kit prosthesis for Emergency directly Roadrunnerfooty

II mission taking 700 prostheses to Haiti children
by Lions, A Leg to Stand  On, World Rehabilitation Fund, Prosthetika directly Roadrunnerfoot

directly Roadrunnerfoot

12 feet for Iraq refugees
by Terre Des Hommes, Prosolidar, UNHCR.directly Roadrunnerfoot

Project in Benghazi-Libia for 100 amputees directly Roadrunnerfoot

Ethiopia materials lamination directly Roadrunnerfoot

Walking prosthesis and running prosthesis for 10 people directly Roadrunnerfoot

Walking prosthesis and running prosthesis for 4 African people directly Roadrunnerfoot

directly Roadrunnerfoot

Prosolidar;  Rwanda-One Love Rwanda;

directly Roadrunnerfoot