This resin is clear with a light blue reflex and a low tendency to turn yellow.
Suggested to cold stratifications with glass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar allows to achieve high-quality laminates with high mechanical properties, rigidity, and impact resistance.
The distortion point is close to 70°C.
This kind of resin is highly versatile and easy to use: low viscosity and good wet properties of fibers promote impregnation.
Light tissue laminates are transparent with bright and not greasy surfaces.
The hardening process can be accelerated using heat; moreover, a post-cooking at 40°C gives the laminates better properties.

Code Description Weight
9.001.01 Epoxy resin E227-10kg-Comp. A&B 10 kg
9.001.02.kg1 Araldite resin 1 kg
9.001.02.kg5 Araldite resin 5 kg
9.001.02.H1 Hardener Araldite 1 kg
9.001.02.H5 Hardener Araldite 200 g
9.001.03.DUR7001 Epoxy resin Duraloid A+B 1 kg
9.001.03.DUR30 Transparent A+B 1 kg