EVA foot cover


Weight only 129 grams.

The product Eva cover is the results of research of one year: we study all materials as Silicone, PVC, Poliure-thane, and Rubber (resistance, elasticity, and mechanical characteristic). EVA is the material that has the highest memory form, the minimum dissipation of energy, best elasticity. It is the same material as shoes and insoles. EVA cover allows dissipating only 1% of the energy that the carbon fiber feet store and release. In comparison silicone cover dissipates 30% of energy, Polyurethane cover dissipates 15%, PVC cover dissipates 10%.
The EVA cover is usable with Roadwalking, Roadflexion, Equilibrium, Walking MP, and Dynamic Plus.


EVA foot cover with inner insole

Category Foot: I

User’s Foot Lenght 230 cm
User’s Shoe Number 35-36

Category Foot: II

User’s Foot Lenght 240 cm
User’s Shoe Number 37-38

Category Foot: III

User’s Foot Lenght 250 cm
User’s Shoe Number 39

Category Foot: IV

User’s Foot Lenght 260 cm
User’s Shoe Number 41-42

Category Foot: V

User’s Foot Lenght 270 cm
User’s Shoe Number 43

Category Foot: V

User’s Foot Lenght 280 cm
User’s Shoe Number 44

Category Foot: VI

User’s Foot Lenght 290 cm
User’s Shoe Number 45

Cover’s moulds production