Rotary Hydraulic Dampener functions reliably during the stance phase, allowing the knee to flex/yield at a controlled rate that is adjustable by the user. During the swing phase, the microprocessor-controlled pneumatic cylinder functions to provide cadence responsive swing control. As weight is transmitted through the heel at heel strike the MRS system detects the ground reaction force which initiates the rotary hydraulic Dampener and produces resistance to flexion. This allows the knee to yield at a controlled rate. As the stance phase progresses and the weight passes through the toes, the MRS turns off the hydraulic resistance to allow the transition into the swing phase. A proximity sensor within the microprocessor detects the time taken for each walking cycle, using knee joint flexion data. The microprocessor then signals a stepping motor within the unit which in turn activates the needle valve of the pneumatic cylinder causing it to adjust to the patients walking speed.
This knee is tested according to ISO 10328.

Warranty 36 months.

Bilateral involvement.
Active adult.
Exceeds basic use.

Code 6.006.01

Characteristics Flexion angle 140°
Component Weight 1375 g

Aluminium alloy 7075 + Stainless Steel + CarbonFiber frame

Maximum User Weight

125 Kg