Plastazote and evazote are thermoplastic expanded materials widely used in a clinical environment in contact with the skin.
Evazote is more resistant and elastic. They are pure and inert, with no residuum after expansion and a structure with uniform cellular walls. No latex contained, they are hypoallergenic and not toxic. These materials are expanded with no molds and have a low deformation tendency during conversion. They can be easily transformed into final products, even with complex forms. They are suitable for the thermo-molding process, both compressing and vacuum. It’s possible to divide, to mill, to cut with water-jet, to butt weld them.

Safe and no toxic, light and lasting, close cellular structure, waterproof, excellent chemical resistance, different densities, excellent thermal insulation, purity and meager odor, high resistance to lotions or creams, easy to modeling, transparent to MNR and CAT.

Plastazote white

1000 x 2000 mm

Code Low Density Thickness
11.001.01.Th2 LD33 2 mm
11.001.01.Th3 LD33 3 mm
11.001.01.Th5 LD33 5 mm
11.001.01.Th8 LD33 8 mm
11.001.01.Th10 LD33 10 mm
11.001.01.Th15 LD33 15 mm
11.001.01.Th20 LD33 20 mm
11.001.01.Th25 LD33 25 mm
Plastazote skin

1000 x 2000 mm

Code Low Density Thickness
11.001.02.Th2 LD45 2 mm
11.001.02.Th3 LD45 3 mm
11.001.02.Th5 LD45 5 mm
11.001.02.Th8 LD45 8 mm
11.001.02.Th10 LD45 10 mm
11.001.02.Th15 LD45 15 mm
11.001.02.Th20 LD45 20 mm
11.001.02.Th25 LD452 25 mm
Plastazote blue

1000 x 2000 mm

Code Low Density Thickness
11.001.02.Th3B LD33 3 mm
11.001.02.Th5B LD33 5 mm