Polycentric knees allow users to walk with outstanding safety: during the INITIAL CONTACT phase, the knee is locked in a completely extended position. In order to support patients at best, suggesting the best knee for them, we had to know the behavior of each knee considering the trajectory of his CIR (Istantaneus Rotation Center). As follow You can see the shadow of the CIR during a complete flexion of each knee compared to the load line.


Polycentric Knee Joint With Spring: specific for people approaching to walk with variable CIR (Center Instantaneous Rotation) but need more voluntary control. Voluntary control achieved due to the polycentric mechanism with a CIR trajectory very close to the load line. Studied geometry allows “prosthetic shortening” during the PUSH OFF phase avoid to stumble. Extension assisted and suitable for different walking speeds due to spring stiffness adjustment.
This knee is tested according to ISO 10328.


Warranty 36 months.

CIR very high and close to the hip, low fatigue to start flexion.

CIR posterior to the load line.

CIR very close to the load line, good for voluntary control.


Thanks to the pyramidal adapter suitable for each knee, it’s possible to change the CIR position compared to the LOAD LINE in order to offer users more safety or more voluntary control.

Community ambulation.
Variable cadence gait (or potential).
Most environmental barriers.

Code 6.002.02.SPRING
Code 6.002.02.SPRING.T


Flexion angle 120°

Component Weight 909 g/ 688 g
Material Stainless Steel/Titanium
Maximum User Weight 130 Kg