PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) film has the property that it is under the influence of moisture and extremely flexible while drying can shrink up to the original measure. It also has excellent release properties against the most common laminating resins and is insensitive to organic solvents and heat. It is used in the lamination in tubular form as a release film.

Lamination PVA Bags

Pack 20 pcs
Code Type Diameter Lenght
9.007.D10 BK 10 cm 100 cm
9.007.D15 BK 15 cm 100 cm
9.007.D20 AK 20 cm 100 cm
9.007.D25 AK 25 cm 100 cm
9.007.D30 AK 30 cm 100 cm
9.007.D35 AK 35 cm 100 cm

Lamination PVA Bags

Pack 10 pcs
Code Type Diameter Lenght
9.008.D20 KAFO 20 cm 130 cm
9.008.D25 KAFO 25 cm 13o cm
9.009.D10 Upper
10 cm 77 cm

PVA ROLL (Rotolo)

130 x 30 m
Code 9.009.01