The Thermoplastic gel sleeves are made of the same material as liners. The sleeves guarantee the anchorage of the prosthesis on the stump. The size is XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The sleeves are thermoformable.


Thermoplastic Gel Knee Sleeves

Code 3.003.01.XS
Size Extra-small
Lower Circumference 16-24 cm
Higher Circumference 10-17 cm
Code 3.003.01.S
Size Small
Lower Circumference 23-34 cm
Higher Circumference 15-22 cm
Code 3.003.01.M
Size Medium
Lower Circumference 29-43 cm
Higher Circumference 21-30 cm
Code 3.003.01.L
Size Large
Lower Circumference 36-51 cm
Higher Circumference 28-42 cm
Code 3.003.01.XL
Size Extra large
Lower Circumference 42-60 cm
Higher Circumference 34-50 cm
Code 3.003.01.XXL
Size Ultra-large
Lower Circumference 52-73 cm
Higher Circumference 28-55 cm